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About Us

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- Natasa Zoubouridis, Author -
- Elena Zanfei,  Author/Coach -
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Natasa Zoubouridis is a TV producer and creative writer for family and friendship based children’s books. Utilizing her 10 years in the comedy industry allows her to create joy and laughter through her writings. Because Natasa’s personal development work helped her overcome her fears of publishing, she now shares a message that ‘when you believe in yourself you are invincible’.

Elena Zanfei is a CTI-trained Transformational Coach for professional and entrepreneurial women. Through 37+ years of training in human potential and development she was able to heal and triumph over abuse and trauma. For the last 22 years, she has been using her experiences and training to support women in having their most extraordinary lives.

- Katie Williams, Illustrator -

Katie has always felt that visual storytelling was her calling. She spent most of her childhood writing stories and creating her own characters, using a long list of animated tv shows and featured films as a source of inspiration. Feeling even more inspired by her artistic endeavors, Katie attended the Illinois Institute of Art in Schaumburg, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts in 2007, majoring in Media Arts and Animation. Every project she participates in encourages her to develop her illustration skills, enhance her take on visual sequences, and improve story development principles and styles to become a more distinguished story artist.

How We Came Together 

Elena and Natasa met through a shared interest of personal development and advancement. Natasa went on to participate in Elena’s “Awesome You Program” and loved it so much that she felt it would be a great idea to bring these important lessons into life at an earlier age. She then approached Elena with the idea. They both agreed and from there decided to create Light & Water Publishing for the purpose of bringing these lessons to children.

Meaning of Light  & Water 

During a powerful exercise, Elena learned in her CTI training, she takes the participant on a journey to meet their highest self via a ‘future-pacing’ technique. During this journey, the participant is given a name by their future self as a metaphor and anchor for their highest expression of self. Elena received the name ‘Light’ and Natasa received the name ‘Water’. They feel that, as light and water nurture growth, their desire to merge personal development and writing children's books is serendipitous and divinely guided.

Our Mission Statement

Many kids are not given the proper building blocks that foster healthy emotions and growth. Our children's books lay the foundation for emotional intelligence and provide the tools for success, reducing the need for personal development work later in life.

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